It is possible that some people already know the company by some mobile phones. With the Cozy MC3 Pro, Nillkin offers a portable bluetooth speaker that can also provide a coherent light. What the speaker – “tilted” lamp can do, can be read in the following review.

The packaging already produces a high quality print. After opening the magnetic closure, you will first see the two boxes in which the accessories are stored. In addition to a carrying bag and the manual, there is also a USB cable, an OTG cable and an aux cable on top. The speaker appears below the two accessory boxes. It measures 78x78x200mm and is therefore in the average of the usual Bluetooth speakers. With 415g it is not particularly heavy and therefore, quite portable. The “loop design” on the top of the speaker makes it easy to attach to your luggage when you are on the move.

The control element is located on the upper part of the loudspeaker, which is mounted in a vertical position

Notification sounds are reproduced through the small speakers built into the top. In addition, there are two microphone openings, which also allow you to make phone calls through the speaker. The Nillkin MC3Pro has 4 double keys: higher and farther, lower and further back, playback and pause are placed together on a button. The control is made of silver plastic and seems a bit cheap compared to the rest of the speaker, I would have liked a rubber surface with raised keys. However, the keys have a good pressure point.

The back is a unique metal body with aluminum alloy. Only the cover of the Micro-SD and SIM card slots is made of plastic. To give unity to the design, another plastic cover is placed on top of the camera lens, which extends to the edge of the single body. This is undoubtedly an advantage also for a better reception quality.